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nesbits dog treats are handmade from scratch with human-grade ingredients, oven-baked in small batches with no preservatives, and packaged with a whole lot of love. 


Deanna, Owner/Baker

Deanna started nesbits after completing a professional program in (human) Pastry & Baking Arts at The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in NYC and working as a baker at Quisisana Resort in Center Lovell, ME.  While practicing her baking skills at home, Deanna noticed her dog, Nessa, was always at her feet when in the kitchen.  Naturally, she decided to start baking for Nessa and realized it was a great way to ensure Nessa was eating treats made with high quality ingredients and it was also an amazing way to bond with her best friend.  After all, because nothing brings people (and animals) together like food (and treats)!  Eventually, Deanna decided to share the treats she baked with other dogs and nesbits dog treats was born.  

Nessa, Chief Tasting Officer

Rescued from a pet store in Jersey City, NJ, Nessa was named after the first street she lived on - Nesbit Street in Weehawken, NJ.  After three years of walking Boulevard East, Nessa moved to the big city across the Hudson River in January 2005.  Based in the West Village, Nessa's life was filled with lots of people, pup friends, long walks, dog parks, and therapy work at St. Vincent's Hospital through Therapy Dogs International.  In 2005, she was diagnosed with IVDD (intervertebral disc disease) and underwent a successful back surgery which fortunately brought her back to her very energetic pup-like self. Nessa "retired" from NYC in 2010 as an AKC Good Canine Citizen, and headed back to NJ, where she inspired the creation of nesbits.  In August 2014, she traveled cross country to her new home (and nesbits new home base) of Portland, Oregon where she continues sniffing out ingredients and taste-testing treats before putting her stamp of approval on each bone and bag.



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